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Most airlines treat dispatchers like pilot cockpit crewmembers, and extend them this excellent privilege on an unlimited basis.

Average Salary: $37,340

The General Aviation (GA) Pilot performs a variety of flying jobs. This will vary depending on the type of aircraft being flown and the type of mission.

Average Salary: $87,948

Helicopter flights are usually of short duration and helicopter pilots usually work for an operator whose services are chartered.

Average Salary: $87,948

Aviation operations research analysts are involved in all aspects of an aviation organization or airport.

Average Salary: $78,080

Aviation operations supervisors can be responsible for a wide variety of airport related duties.

Average Salary: $107,640

Airport Security Screeners conduct screening of passengers, baggage, or cargo to ensure compliance with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) regulations.

Average Salary: $40,460

To date, the majority of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) operations has been for military purposes.

Average Salary: $56,550