A shallow pocket makes for a faster transfer from glove to hand and allows the infielder to quickly dispose of the ball by making the corresponding throw. A Rundown of the Differences Between Fastpitch and Slowpitch Softball Gloves. You should apply pressure to the ball through the use of your thumb and forefingers to create a “pocket.” Pitcher's gloves should measure between 11.5 and 12.5 inches. Wilson A2000 SuperSkin Slowpitch Softball Glove. For players 15 and up, infielders may fit with a 12 to 13, while outfielders may use a 12.5 to 14. However, you can play softball with a regular glove, too. Breaking a glove in: The best way to break in a new glove is by using a glove mallet. A wrist adjustment helps keep a glove snugly fixed to the player’s hand. The quality of the leather determines the price range for genuine leather gloves. It comes with a thick and heavy padding on the palms and overall reinforcements to buffer the continuous pounding from a pitcher’s throws throughout the course of the entire game. Buy Now. All you need to play softball is some very basic equipment — but you definitely need a glove. … The size of the glove you need to get is a direct result of which position you (or your child) is going to be playing. There are youth-sized gloves for younger players that them achieve better control. That means your glove size is a 7. If you’re unsure about what position you’re going to play, or perhaps you anticipate being a utility or roving player, it’s probably best to go with a general and multipurpose glove, and not one that’s overly specialized (like a catcher’s or first base mitt). You can find a more in-depth discussion on glove materials here. The difference between the three lies in their feel and durability. Similar characteristics apply to both softball and baseball gloves, the main difference being that softball gloves are usually a certain degree longer and have deeper pockets to be able to fit the larger size of a softball. All order process customer service issues will be conducted by Team Express Customer Service Agents. The ordering size of fastpitch softball gloves is not the only difference in size. The pocket of the glove is located where the ball falls into the fielder's palm after being caught. These typically range from 11 to 15 inches in size. Shipping & Returns - No Minimum. Below is a quick view chart to get you started off. The height of a glove (from the bottom edge to the very top of the glove) must be in between 8 and 15 inches. A wrist closure secures the glove to your hand. Buy Now. With a deeper pocket than a baseball glove, it will help handle the bigger ball. We may use information concerning you, including personal information you provide to us, in order to contact you with offers and news concerning our products and services or those of our affiliated companies that we believe may be of interest to you. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about new products and special offers! This type of softball glove does not have any channels to individually insert your fingers. This part of the glove wraps across the back of your hand and is either closed or open. Based on your answers, the Glove Coach will give you results of recommended baseball gloves or softball … If this is the case for the gloves you need to purchase, you’ll need to convert your measurement using a glove size chart. Treated leather is softened and strengthened. Only catchers and first basemen use mitts, while the softball players in all other positions use gloves. The Best Softball Gloves Reviewed for 2020, Review: Easton Salvo Series 13.5-inch First-Base Mitt, Review: Rawlings RSB Series Slowpitch Gloves, The Best Places on the Web for Building Softball Practices, Softball Blog Rundown: The Best Blogs for Winning, Top 5 Glove-Buying Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make. Softball players need to catch and hold on to the ball, which makes the right glove an important piece of equipment. Softball infielders also favor a closed design for a more secure catch. Fastpitch softball gloves are also wider to accommodate the larger ball. This larger size helps in catching and trapping the larger softball. Outfielders and third base players benefit more from closed or tightly woven webbing. The depth of the pocket is decided by the position that is played. $45.00. What are softball gloves made of? This privacy policy covers Concourse Team Express sites' (BaseballExpress.com, Softball.com, FootballAmerica.com, TeamExpress.com) treatment of personally identifiable information you submit to us when you enter into our web site and when you use Softball.com services. What size softball glove should I get? If you feel that this site is not following its stated privacy policy, please contact us immediately. Before taking the field, discover more tips on how to buy a softball infielder’s glove. As discussed above, outfield players need gloves that are larger and have deeper pockets for catching a ball in flight, while infield players need the opposite—smaller gloves with shallower pockets—for greater control and quicker throws. This type of webbing also allows pitchers to hide the ball from the batter! Visit a brick-and-mortar store. To keep you from injuring your hand as you catch a line drive or hard grounder, softball gloves are designed to fit various hand sizes and to be used by different field positions. Franklin Sports Softball Glove - Left and Right Handed Softball Fielding Glove - Windmill Fastpitch Pro Series - Adult and Youth Fielding Glove - 11.0 and 12.0 Inches 4.4 out of 5 stars 255 $23.99 $ 23 . Choosing a size. The Truth About Softball Gloves – Which Features Really Matter? It is made out of a high-quality material that is different from leather but proves to be lighter and flexible. We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our site and to read the privacy statements of each and every web site that collects personally identifiable information. Quick view Bay of Plenty Closes in 6 hours. All rights reserved. Usually, the player with the thickest padding is the catcher. Softball catcher’s mitts typically have open webs to accommodate the size of the ball. Play Catch. This allows for a faster break-in, a more durable make, and easier overall maintenance. In choosing the right of glove, you should also consider a player’s position and age. The deeper pocket of fastpitch softball gloves create a shorter glove overall. Open webbing is allows for quick retrieval of the ball, which is a great advantage for infielders. * Still needing help finding the perfect baseball glove or softball glove? This is a chart of the average size of a softball glove. To measure the glove, just take a fabric tape and measure from the top of the index finger, down along the glove, to the center of the heel of the glove, keeping the tape touched with the glove. These players end up somewhere in the middle, and often need gloves that are neither large nor small to be able to handle ground balls and make quick throws. Some recommended products may use affiliate links. The right softball glove helps your game. An infielder's glove is the … All orders submitted through Concourse Team Express sites are encrypted using the latest 256 bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. Infielders such as first base or third base players use a smaller glove. We encourage you to review this policy whenever you visit the site to make sure that you understand how any personal information you provide will be used. Baseball Glove Size 10.5" - brown, left hand ... Non-slip baseball glove softball batting fitness gloves $34.04 - $36.00. Finding the perfect-sized glove for softball may not be the easiest of tasks. So, you may have already asked yourself: What size softball glove do I need? This protection means it may actually be safer for you to use your credit card over the Internet rather than using it in a store. These companies are contractually restricted from using your information in any manner, other than in helping us to provide you with the products and services available on our site. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Baseball Glove Size 10.5" - Brown, Right hand $15.33. Baseball & Softball Gloves. All Rights Reserved. Consequently, buying a large glove for them to grow into doesn’t really help develop skill in the game, and might even lead to injury. These tables are a general guide for determining which glove size an athlete needs: Baseball . The store should have youth or child sizes. We use cookies solely to let us know when you are visiting our site and to remember your past visits. For softball players, there aren’t as many selections in terms of webs because of the large ball, so the choices will be limited. If you believe that we might have any information from or about a child under 13, please contact us at Customer Service. Softball Gloves by Position — What’s the Difference? This web site contains links to other sites. Most of the expensive gloves are made of leather, which gives the best feel and is the most durable.
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