Add in rounds of perfect IPAs and it was a perfect meal. Guacamole & Chips. I agree- if I wanted to eat something that replicated a chicken exactly, then I’d just eat a chicken… As close to very tender chicken as you could get without it being chicken. They run the spectrum from Lagers to Stouts and all brews in between. I had better wings at the Zebra Room in the Holiday Inn Aladdin. We will definitely be on the lookout for a Yard House in our future travels. Then onto spicy jambalaya which was a bowl full of deliciousness. Use your Uber account to order delivery from Yard House (849 E. Commerce St, Suite 409) in San Antonio. If a 1/3 of the population would watch (Plant Pure Nation) (What the Health), (the China Study) (Food Ink),(Cow Spiracy), (Forks over Knives) Educate the public and let people decide how they want to fuel their bodies. They only sell the Teriyaki version now. great value. I think I’m close by too…I live in Baltimore! The pork is even better than I anticipated. Snacks. I just tried gardein hot wings for the first time. The only product I can recall not caring too much for was the Beefless Tips which I ate but haven’t bought again because I didn’t care for the texture. It was so yummy and everything we ordered was great! I’m seventy and never considered eating fake meat foods. I just wish most of the Gardein meats did not have Maltodextrin so bad for your health and unhealthy cause bloating ! Gardeins needs to have family sized portions. I’m in love with Gardein Products and I’m glad you ,ad this post. Yard House, the modern American gathering place where beer and food lovers unite, is an upscale, casual eatery known for great food, classic rock music, an energetic vibe and endless fleet of tap handles featuring the best American craft and import beers. I made spaghetti squash with the Meatless Meatballs, (normal pasta for those apprehensive about squash) for an Italian I know and 2 boys school age boys. Truffle Fries. They have some of the best Gardein chicken wings that I’ve ever had. Anyway, I narrowed it down to the smell of toilet cleaner and there is no doubt whatsoever that some disinfectant was on at least that batch. $18.45 + Suspend your better judgement and replace “minor leagues” with “fake meat aisle,” and think of the Majors as “all the food that isn’t pretending to be another food,” and you’re primed to understand my feeling about Gardein meat-free products. I would like to Request that Gardein make a Pork Chop as you have made the Chicken into a sort of Chicken Breast Cutlet. I liked your blog and I understood your baseball comparison. lobster. Eating at Yard House outside Cincinnati ballpark and they have a huge section of the menu dedicated to Gardein products. Local Yard House restaurants can be found at: What we are eating is something new and doesn’t even necessarily have to replace meat. Curious if the progress in the fake meat industry has altered your views on this category at all. Even though the menu was very extensive, there were very few keto options. Required fields are marked *. Thanks Matt for the review. I never told the 60+ year old Italian, but I did tell the boys and they didn’t believe me so, guess who had to go trash diving. So I don’t want to eat anything that tastes like real meat. The Nana. Kansas City Yard House Restaurants. When in the power and light District of KC this is the only place you want to visit and eat at. Since this review, all sorts of new brands have emerged (Beyond Meat, Field Roast, etc), and there’s more diversity and higher quality products available than ever before. We went here after the front desk person recommended it. I may have to give the “pulled pork” a try. September 2020. I avoided the Mayo in the sandwich though. I have given you a Beautiful (we can cell it Hnadsome) Blogger Award! Is that: Vegetarian. spicy food. Amazing!). Sounds shockingly like real food. And I take their cooking instructions into consideration but everything that they suggest be cooked in the over, I mostly thaw out in the microwave and then finish cooking on the stove because oven cooking takes way too long. The Gardein fried chicken tenders are vegan without the sauces it comes with. Gardein is the best fake meat I’ve ever tried. I just wrote an honest review. Must be good. I was hooked on the Beefless Strips for a a few months but I think I ate it so much that I got sick of it. Gardein™ Orange Chicken. Honestly I was so disappointed and just did not believe it so I braved another bite (I really can eat anything!) I’ve also tried and love the meatless meatballs and scallopini cutlets.. I’ve served Gardien to my boyfriend and his sons and they had no idea they were eating meatless meat. Three words: De lic ious. Delivery or takeout! Not healthy for my kids or me! “if not nearly as flavorful as real meat.” Delivery or takeout! It taste as good as real burger and is actually better tasting than most low grade burgers (those 75% lean packages or tubes). I’m here with a message that, without a doubt, isn’t going to make me the most popular guy at the vegan potluck. I recently discovered the BBQ porkless pockets, and they’re really darn good. Well I just heated one up on it’s own and took a bite. cocktails. I also occassionally really enjoy the chikn sliders by gardein (without the buns though). ... Gardein Boneless Wings. Please try your “sausage patty” plain, you may be poisoning yourself. If you like fake meats though, you’ll love Gardein. By this late time, chances are you’ve probably seen several (favorable) Gardein reviews floating around the blogosphere. I tried three Gardein products: Seven Grain Crispy Tenders (tossed in buffalo sauce, of course), BBQ Pulled Shreds, and Chick’n Filets. We just had the fish fillets from Gardein. Thanks Matt for the review. People often tell me I will go running back to eating meat because to just Stop put of nowhere will set my cravings going. Advise NO ranch or maple Dijon mustard; Gardein BBQ Chicken Salad. The Chicken Strips( plain) needed a lot of seasonings before I liked it and the other Chicken products that are fried in oil came out good but the oil kinda turned me off to it. 3.1K likes. .-= Jose´s last blog ..Movie Review : Ultramarathon Man: 50 Marathons, 50 States, 50 Days =-. Send via Text. Own or manage this property? He tasted them and asked me what brand they were? Reviews for Yard House. They’re kinda like super falafel. My favorites is ” chickin strips” and I use this product and sometimes “scaloppini” to make all my African/Nigerian dishes! I didn’t like them before I was vegetarian and vegan and I don’t now either. yayyyyy…i love gardein! Gardein (R) is a chicken substitute made from soy, wheat, pea proteins, vegetables & ancient grains Gardein (R) Wings** Buffalo, whiskey black pepper, lemon pepper, bbq, korean chili garlic. I can’t wait to try the ultimate hamburger. It was good, and VERY filling, but not the best I’ve had. By far the best I’ve tried. I’ve yet to find a vegetarian alternative, but the ones I’ve had are good as is. But I want something that tastes good. swordfish tacos. I guess it will only happen when your diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, heart condition. haha This girl. I was very surprised to taste a chemical taste, so after a moment I tried it again, and no unfortunately tasted like disinfectant with a bitter after-taste. For comparison, check out a Gardein ingredient list: water, soy protein, vital wheat gluten, ancient grains (quinoa, amaranth, millet and kamut), natural flavors (from plant sources), potato starch, expeller pressed canola oil and/or safflower oil, pea protein, modified vegetable gum, carrot fiber, organic beet root fiber, organic evaporated cane juice, yeast extract, vinegar, sea salt. Now do me a favor. ... Gardein® Wings. healthy food. I know you can do it!! Being vegans, my hubby and I were thrilled to find this restaurant. This is equiv. $6.45. It was close so we were able to walk and not have to worry about parking. Part of the process is also to switch from the mindset of eating animals. Since I found out about the gardein products, I definitely know for sure I am NOT going back to meat any time soon! But it’s one I believe is absolutely critical to the long term health of our movement, and that’s why I’m committed to sharing it. Here goes…. of 3 teaspoons of sugar per serving. May have to give it a try. I loved the comparison of fake meats to minor leagues. Have fun! Have since tried it in stuffed peppers, lasagna, chili, shepherd’s pie, sloppy joes and as a pasta meat sauce. I’ll keep my eyes out for these products the next time I’m considering fake meat.
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