FES367CETA, FED367CEBA, FED367CETD, FCS388WHCB, GLED388DSA, FES367CEBA, $97.69 In Stock Broil Element. FES387CFBC, FES300WCD1, GLED388CSA, FED387CFSE, FES300WCDA, FES355CCBD, GLED388ASB, FCS388WECE, FES387CHSA, Bake element needed replacement Removed the back panel checked for power at the base of element, had 240 volts so knew element was burnt out. FED355CCB1, FED367CCSC, FPEF4085KFD, FES355ABC, PLCF489ACB, Carrying 240V and 2000W, it is 19-1/4" wide by 15" long. PLCF489CCC, PFEF373ES2, FES355CCSK, FED355ABC, FEB30S5ABB, CFEF372EB1, FCS388CESE, FES355CCTB, Next. FEFB67BHDA, FED367ASC, FES300WCDI, FFEF4005LWB, FED355CCTC, PLEB30S8CCC, FES300BEBB, 316075103 Oven Range Bake Element Heating Element for Frigidaire Kenmore, R… MEF355CGB1, FES387CFBA, CFEF372EC2, FCS388WHCB, FCS388CEBB, FCS388WECF, FEB374CHTB, FES353CCD2, FES300WCWG, PLCF489CCB, FES355CCSG, FES355CCTA, $16.55. GLCS376ABD, PLCS389CCC, OEM 316075104 Frigidaire Range Oven Bake Element. AH3633414, MEF365BHW5, FES300WCWG, FEB374CCTC, EAP3633414, FEB374CCSF, FES300WCDI, This is a replacement rack for your oven. CFEF312EQ1, FES355ASF, FED367CCB3, FES355CCTH, PLEF489CCB, PLEB30S8CCC, FED355ABC, FEB374CCTA, FED367ASB, FEB386WECH, FED367CCB1, FES300WCWF, MEF402WFD2, FED367AQD, FED353CCDB, FES367ABE, FES300EBD, FED387CHSC, FEF402BWA, FES355ABB, FED387CESA, FES300WCDG, PLES389ACA, FED353CCDA, FED367AQC, CFEF372EC1, PLCS389ACB, FES355CCTH, FED367CEBC, CGEF312ES1, FED387CHSC, FES367DQA, FED300BEBA, FCS388CESF, MEF402WCD1, FEB386CCTA, FES387CFSE, FEB386CETA, CGEF322ES4, FEB386CESC, FEB30S5ABA, FED355ASB, FES367CCS1, FED387CESB, FEF450BWC, FES367CETB, FEB398CESC, Only 1 left! MEF365BHD3, CFEF370GS2, CFEF358EQ1, FES367AQD, FEF450WCWB, MEF402WCD1, CGEF310ES2, FEB30S5ASB, FEB374CCS1, PLEF489GCA, PLEF489ACC, GLEB30S8CQB, PLES389ACB, FEB374CCTA, FEB386CCBA, FES355ABD, FEFD65BHDB, PLEB30S8ACB, FES300WCWD, FES367ASE, GLED388ASD, FEB386WESA, FCS367CHSD, CFEF358ES4, FES355CCBC, FCS388CEBC, FES355CCBE, FES355CCSC, FFEF4017LBC, MEF402WFW3, CFEF357GS1, FED387CCSF, FES355CCSA, FEB374CCBH, FCS388CEBE, FES300WCWE, MEF402WCWA, FCS388WGCA, FED300WCW2, FES353CCWB, BFEF323ES1, FES355ASF, FES367AQC, FED367CESC, $23.45. MEF367CGB1, FCS367CHSD, GLCS376CBA, FES367CEBB, FES300EBA, FES300ESC, FES367BCB, FED300WCW1, FEF450WFDA, FES355CCSB, FEB374CCBG, FED353CCWG, FES367CCBD, FED355CCTB, GLCS376ABD, FES300BEBA, PLCF489ACA, FED300WCWI, CFEF322ES4, FEB374CCBB, FES355ASD, FES367CESC, GLEB30S8CQA, FCS388WECF, FES355ABF, FED300WCD2, FES355CCBC, FES355CCTJ, FED367ASA, Replacement for Frigidaire 318255006 Bake Element. GLED388CSA, FES300ASC, FEB374CHSB, GLES388ASE, FED300WCD5, FED300WCDH, FED353CCWB, FES355CCBK, FED300ESE, FED367CCSC, FEB386WECC, FCS388WHCD, GLEB30S8AQA, If your oven wont heat during the bake cycle your bake element might be bad. UB750, Videos / Instructions / FAQ (click to view / hide), *** Our fulfillment centers are currently operational and orders are being shipped ***, 9990063, 2220750, 318255002, 37-UB760, 5303310512, AH3633414, AP5590131, B00DNCKUNY, EA3633414, EAP3633414, PS3633414, UB750, FCS367CHSC, This fuse is FES300WCDE, MEF367CGS1, FED367ASB, FED355CCSD, FED300ASC, FED355CCSA, FES367CETF, FES367CESF, FES355CCBA, FES387CESA, FES300EBA, FES300EBB, CGEF322ES1, FES367DQA, FFEF4017LBB, GLED388DSA, GLEB30S8CSA, GLES388ASA, BFEF323ES3, FED367AQD, FES300WCWA, FEB386CCTB, FES367ABG, FED353CCWA, FES355ABB, FED300BEBC, FEF450WCDA, FEF354CGSA, FES367CEBE, FED367CCT3, FEB398CESB, PLEF489ACB, FES367AQC, FED300WCWB, FES353CCWG, FES353CCD1, FCS388WHCA, GLEB30S8CBB, FES300WCWD, FED367ASD, FED367CESD, FES367CESF, FFEF4017LBB, CPDF4085KF1, MEF355CGB5, MEF402WFD3, PLCS389DCA, FEB374CCSC, MEF368CGS2, GLEB30T8ASA, FED367CEBB, PLEB30S8CCB, FES355CCSD, FEB386CCBB, 5303310512, FFEF4005LWC, Replacing the bake element of your oven periodically will improve your cooking results with more even heating … FED300WCWH, FED367CEBE, FED387CFBE, FED300WCDH, GLES388ASE, FEB374CCTE, FED355DBA, FED300WCD2, FEB30S5ASA, FES387CCS1, FED387CFSA, FED387CFBA, GLEB30T8CBA, $56.25. FED367CEBD, FES367CETE, FED367CCBD, FED367CCSD, FED300ESC, Find Wall Oven parts and repair help with Frigidaire Appliance Parts. FED355CCSH, CDN$47.95. CFEF310AS1, FES367ASB, CFEF372EB4, FED355ABF, It is placed at the bottom of the oven and supplies heat. FES355CCSC, CFEF372EC4, FEB386CEBH, FEB374CCBD, FEFD67CHSE, FEB386CCT1, CFEF358EB4, FED367AQB, FEF450WCDC, FES387CFSC, GLEB30T8CSA, FED300BEBB, This part works with the following brands: Frigidaire. FED355CCSB, FCS388CGSC, FED387CESA, FEB386CESA, FED300WCDG, Partsnet Bake Element Replacement for Frigidaire 318255006 4.6 out of 5 stars 60. GLEB30S8CBB, MEF402WFD3, FEFB67BHWB, FEF455BBB, FED387CFBA, FES367ASG, FED367CCSA, FEFB67BHDA, FES38CESB, GLED388DBA, PLEB30T8ACA, CFEF317ES1, GLCS378DBA, FES387CFBE, FEFD67CHBB, FED355CCBC, TED367CJS1, 9990063, FED300ESA, PLEB30T8CCA, FES355CCTC, PLCS389ACA, FEB386WESC, Theme designed by Papathemes. FEB398CESD, FEB374CHTB, FEB30S5ASA, FES355DBA, CFEF372EC7, FEF450WFDA, FEFD65BHWB, FES355CCBJ, FES300WCDH, FED355CCSE, FCS388WGCC, Critical Dimensions/Specs:Front to mounting bracket: 15"Mounting bracket to end: 4"Overall width: 20". FES355ABC, FES355ABE, SKU: 316413800 Availability: Special Order: Will take 7-10 Days to Deliver Shipping: Free Shipping. FCS388CEBB, The packaging on the new element will list the manufacturers, model numbers and part numbers for which it serves as a replacement. FES300BEBC, BFEF323ES2, FED300ESE, CFEF372ES2, FEB386CCSB, FED355CCB2, CWEF322ES1, FCS388WGCA, FPEF4085KFC, FES300WCDC, GLCS376ABB, FED367CESA, FES367BCC, CDN$75.68. Critical Dimensions/Specs: Front to mounting bracket: 15" Mounting bracket to end: 4" Overall width: 20" FED355CCSF, FFEF4017LBC, FED367ABC, FEFB67BHWB, FES355CCTF, FED355CCSG, FED355DSA, FES367CETD, FES367CETA, FED367CESB, FED367CCS3, MEF402WFW2, FED355CCBI, This heating element, used in any range/oven, is an open-style bake element. CFEF372EQ3, MEF367CGB3, FED355ASC, MEF365BHD5, CFEF322ES3, FEB374CCSG, FED367AQE, FEF455WCBB, GLCS378DSA, FED355CCSI, We offer genuine replacement parts along with step-by-step repair and same-day shipping. FED300ASB, FEF455BBB, FES355CCTD, FED367CCB3, CGEF310ES1, FES300ASD, FES367ABF, MEF367CGB1, FEF455WCBA, FES367BCA, FED367ABB, (14) 14 product ratings - 316075103 Oven Bake Element Replacement Compatible with Frigidaire Kenmore Oven. FED387CCSF, FES388WGCB, FES300ASB, FFEF4005LWB, FEF354CGSA, FCS388WHCC, FES388WECA, FES300WCW1, FCS388WECE, PFEF373ES3, FEB398CETB, The bake element looks like a thin black tube on the oven bottom, and it may eventually burn out over time. FED300WCD5, FED367ABD, FED355CCTI, FEF357CGSA, CFEF372EQ1, FEF455BBA, MEF367CGB5, FEFB67BHDB, FED353CCDD, GLED388CSB, MEF367CGB5, Lower Bake Element for Frigidaire FEF316BSA Electric Range - Oven/Stove. FEFD67CHBE, FES387CCS1, FES300WCDD, FES387CFBC, CFEF372ES1, FES353CCWA, GLEB30S8ASA, MEF402WCD2, It is compatible with most Frigidaire bake elements with long prong screw-in terminals. GLEB30T8ASA, MEF402WFD2, FEB386WESA, MEF365BHD5, FEB386CESA, FED367DQA, FED367DQA, FES355CCSF, PLCS389DCB, FED300WCWI, This element was very popular in older Frigidaire ovens.

Replacement for popular Frigidaire bake element. FED355CCS2, FES355CCTC, FEB386WECC, GLES388DQA, FEF450BWD, FES387CFBA, CGEF322ES5, GLEB30S8ABA, FEB386CEBH, FEB386CESG, FED387CCSD, MEF402WFW2, FEB374CCTC, FPDF4085KFA, FES355CCSF, GLEB30T8CSA, FED355CCBC, It is rated as "Easy" to install by users, and attaches to the bottom of the oven. FED355CCTB, PLEB30T8ACA, Powered by BigCommerce. FES355CCSA, PLES389DCA, MEF325CGS4, FED355ABA, FEB398CETB, FED367CETB, PLES389CCB, GLCS376ABA, FES300ASA, FES353CCW2, FES387CFSA, FES367CETC, FEF450WCDB, FED367CCTA, FES367CCBC, GLCS376ASC, FEF450BWD, FES300WCDH, FES300EBC, FES300EBC, FFEF4015LWB, FES367CEBC, FED367AQB, FES353CCDC, FEF455WCBC, FES300WCDB, FED387CFBC, FES367CESA, FED355CCSG, FEF450WFWC, FEB386CCT1, FES367CEBE, FES353CCWG, FES387CFSC, FES300WCDF, FES367CEBD, FEF455BBG, Comments Required. FES387CHSC, FEB386CCB1, FEF450WCWB, FEB398WECC, CDN$ 9.99 shipping. FCS388CETB, FES388WGCJ, 2220750, FEF450WFWA, FES300WCWF, FES367ASC, ... 316413800 Oven Bake or Broil Element for Frigidaire Kenmore 316206000 NEW. FES367DCA, FES367ABB, FEB374CHTA, CFEF310ES1, FES367ASG, GLCS376CSA, FES353CCWB, FES300WCWB, FES355CCTG, FED387CFSF, FEB374CCSH, FEB374CCTH, FES300EBE, FPEF4085KFC, FES387CFSE, MEF365BHW5,
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