The Chinese, Russians, and others accumulating a lot of gold will make the FED irrelevant pretty darn soon hopefully anyway. Commercial Property Sacramento was absolutely crushed in bubble 1.0 in California. Yeah that was a theory put forward 30 years ago too, after Thatcherite/Reaganite deregulation and monetarist policy screwed up our housing markets for the first time by allowing them to get out of control in order to buy votes…I remember well. Indeed regarding rising HOAs My late mother also had that problem but at least she could afford it and not have to worry about maintaining a single family home As these mostly poorly constructed condos age the cost to maintain them goes through the roof I noticed that when looking at nice older townhomes in Raleigh One that I really liked and was priced well had outrageous HOAs so I balked on it. Some want to keep their values artificially high and deny progress for the region by keeping it difficult to get around and vote down public works that involve connecting highways and trains. Got Gold? Of course union construction labor is used. Click on the beer and iced-tea mug to find out how: Would you like to be notified via email when WOLF STREET publishes a new article? It was quite interesting…as interesting as all (ALL) the forecasts that a left wing govt (called socialist) would drive the economy into the ground….that they couldn’t run a peanut stand….and yet they just announced yesterday a 1.4 billion dollar budget surplus forecast for the year. The irony would be quite enjoyable for me. Yes in 100 years you lose occupancy. The median price of a San Francisco Bay Area home sold last month fell slightly compared with the prior-year period, marking the first annual drop since the bottom of the last housing crash… Since December 1st 2018 RLGY is down almost 75%. And here we go again…. Why not buy five or six? This price rise may be due to fear of Miami ground subsidence, while tides rise higher. Money is power, and GDP is the money. Really, who doesn’t like pizza? Its back to basics there. Yet, James’ utterance, made to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, received no publicity. The market in Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda has staged a remarkable rebound from the initial shelter-in-place plunge in activity, and continues to rank as one of the strongest markets in the Bay Area. But new businesses with planned wages have been getting scarcer since 2007. In SoCal I don’t see any slow down.. It’s still up YoY. And not every part of life is going to make sense as an investment in dollar terms. The NASDAQ at about 2000 is still only 40% of the 5000 it was at the peak of the recent stock market bubble. You’re stupid until you’re not… Reminds me a awful lot of 2007. You are stupid if you don’t own stocks and long term bonds IBM laid off people and some of them “invested” in multiple houses in the area. Copyright © 2011 - 2020 Wolf Street Corp. All Rights Reserved. Bedroom for rent in a 2Bed/2Bath apartment. Though, the reading is at the bottom of the range. It’s the first bust since the last one that ended in early 2012. Losses are accelerating as transaction volume has collapsed. LA-Long Beach is more than SF–Oakland and SV combined. Not confirmation, but anecdata: If a guy wants to live in 100 square feet with the bathroom down the hall, why not? The Bay Area Real Estate Market Will Not Crash. Housing Market Crash. The good news, of course, it that it protects the investment of anybody who owns a conventional house. If June was the seasonal peak in prices, the housing market might face an iffy summer and winter as potential sellers are apparently running out of willing and able buyers at these prices. I’ll give you that as ridiculous. The high housing prices in SF are a result of this. Home prices have increased in the last 3 years and seem to have really escalated in the last year., Realogy Holdings Corp (RLGY) is the leading provider of real estate services in the US under the brand names of Coldweel Banker, ERA, Sotheby’s, and a few others. What are the lessons the Fed has tried to teach the last 10 years? Environmental. Let’s see how long it lasts. The housing market will crash for sure, but it wont have anything to do with POTUS. If you look at the trend for Contra Costa for example, it has shown the same sawtooth pattern within a year with the YoY trend consistently up. Looks like condos/townhomes currently down to early 2016 levels. The artists took over all the empty industrial spaces, then the cool but broke people followed, then the developers showed up. The state of the infrastructure, the shocking indifferent response to homelessness, poor schools and traffic/pollution is really at odds with the ‘Finest City’ moniker. That requires maintaining a level of compensation for labor that cannot be too far off from the increase in property values. U.S. housing market expansion to continue in 2021, Realtor economist forecasts The median house price will rise 3% in 2021 and sales will jump 9% … Sydney prices have been in a free fall. It will have zero impact. I could buy, but being a single male I don’t have the need for a feathered nest. A year ago I read that Uhaul had a shortage of trucks in the Bay Area due to people moving to places like San Diego and Las Vegas. Instead of moving, we’ve got idiots spending tens of thousands to lift a 300 year old house 10 feet higher…. In the previous election, the big money heavily favored Hillary over Trump. Looking at the Bay Area housing market trends and the trends across the US as a whole, it is not very likely that the market will crash. Did I mention you should buy a house? I spent a long time in India, the airport is only the beginning, it gets worse from there. The lowest Bay Area housing affordability housing index rates (probably in history) were hit in 2007 right before the 2008 market crash (subsidized by buyers taking out loans they could not afford). It’s like landed gentry here. I think one of the most attractive options out there for older people who can make a cash purchase are used manufactured homes. Seattle has become so crazy expensive, that Tacoma and other surrounding cities, Snohomish county, are getting the buyers creating more bidding wars in towns with blue collar workers and service industry workers and more nightmare traffic. I see inflation and migration steadily leveling the standard of living globally. Turn Hawaii into a desert island? A gradual rise in inventory levels. China We both are renters, but his is 5.5 X what my rent is. Here are the details of that works: When a 100bp cut in mortgage rates makes it go sideways, this market is cooked. As it is, the major highways in the bay area are not nearly as bad SoCal freeways but I never like driving in SF itself. So this situation is not a sudden collapse or anything, but clearly, the Bay Area’s Housing Bubble 2 has lost its mojo. Experts pessimistic about California housing market in 2020 Toggle header content. Those durn pro-union socialists, anyway, they’ll be killing off our housing boom :-) Not. Sf rise is partly due to IPO craziness and lower rates, so right back at peak. You can easily draw lines around coastal LA and OC with 1M people where per capita GDP is also very high. There is a lot of speculation as to whether the housing market will crash. I recently had the unpleasant experience of trying to build a house in King County, WA (Seattle Suburbs). Oh, ZipVan is good for smaller loads too. Three of them are fairly reasonable, but King County roads department does not want anybody putting pipes into their dirt, and it took them over six months to decide that “You Are Not Worthy”. They’ve been living the dream there for decades and now dream = nightmare to them…. No. Beware, however, that if deflation happens in the coastal cities, you’ll hear a giant sucking sound and see that money rush back out to the T1 cities. Energy FOMO and YOLO bay area culture cannot sustain both startup and house prices. Europe’s Dilemmas In Santa Clara County, the southern part of Silicon Valley and the most populous county in the Bay Area, the median house price dropped 2.0% year-over-year, to $1.22 million, which is down 15.8% from the peak in April 2018 and just below where it had first been in October 2017. This run-up was unjustified and fueled by cheap debt and pulled-forward demand. Immigration is warfare. SF is a US city in the Boston, Houston, and Philly league. Central Banks This is just real-estate media hype. This drains and levels the economy of the host country. Ask the people who are doubling up in a small bedroom sharing house with 4/5 more people complete stranger.. He is looking for a private room starting November 1st week. And, when it comes to GDP, LA is the only area in the country that rivals NYC. It doesn’t show up in SF. . Surplus, and we have no premiums on our single payer health coverage as of this year, and spending on K-12 up considerably as well as is on post secondary opportunities. What people don’t get is that: #1. most of the IPO money goes to institutional investors around the globe, such as VCs, PE firms, Softbank, etc. This time-honored real-estate hype about IPO millionaires was proven wrong during the last two tech-bubble peaks. The more arduous the commute to San Francisco and Silicon Valley, the less ludicrously expensive the housing market. That’s why Super Ultra Dove Deluxe did his UTurn back in December. The bay area real estate market softened by about 10% in 2018. Lamorinda Real Estate Market Trends. June is around the seasonal peak in terms of prices, but by Bay Area standards, it just wasn’t very peaky. During the headiest days of Housing Bubble 2, year-over-year price increases of 20% were not uncommon and maxed out at 38% in May 2013. 2. The most educated in emerging economies often emigrate to developed nations on work visas (temporarily or permanently), and subsequently send back remittances. So, an amazing stat just out today, is that new housing starts and forecasts are up, and up considerably higher than before the crackdown began, and also above the average when the right-wing pro business party was in power. Sydney, Australia made a top ten list of global housing bubble cities a couple of years ago. Here is a guy that closely follows San Diego area and provides lots of data. Prices will not decline. There is still ample space to build apartments, even row houses, to meet demand, but between the NIMBYs and the developers we are not building them; Investors are using Airbnb for profitable short term rentals, foreign investors were buying houses and condos, with wealthy locals buying second homes as vacation spots. Read… Apartment Rents Fall in Seattle, Southern California, New York, Oakland, San Jose, Chicago, Honolulu. DarkMatter – All Real Estate markets are local. US situs assets of foreigners is a big pain in the you know where. Unfortunately for more developed nations that means a decrease for the large majority of the population. So for each county, there is a median price. High-end luxury real estate has seen a very strong demand in virtually every housing market in the entire Bay Area. I think this next election may be the first in a my voting span where I could be happy with either result. It is courageous to spend all of your income, plus the income you haven’t earned yet. San Francisco rents plunged by stunning 27% in 18 months. In some of the hottest most overpriced rental markets, changes are afoot. Getting on the real estate train was the ticket to becoming a millionaire, at least according to him. You are stupid if you don’t leverage up on real estate Existing home sales represent 90% of total home sales and RLGY is the largest real estate brokerage in the US.
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