AeroScholars - Online Aviation High School Course

AeroScholars - Online Aviation High School Course
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Developed in accordance with national teaching standards, these award-winning online courses bring the fascinating world of aviation right to your fingertips.

About AeroScholars

The AeroScholars high school program is two online aviation courses with lecture material. The content "has been proven over years of instruction, educational video, 3D animations, interactive questions, and other multimedia learning tools." Courses are designed to assist students in aviation and other aspects of their educational experience as well.  


AeroScholars Course 1: Fundamentals of Aviation Science

  • Objectives - Explore history of flight, learn about airplane and helicopter flight, basics of aerodynamics, evolution of aircraft designs, engines, instruments, aircraft systems, meteorology, and much more.

View the Fundamentals of Aviation Science Demonstration and see how this course can provide strong math and science learning that correlates to the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA).

AeroScholars Course 2: Advanced Aviation Science, Private Pilot

  • Objectives - Learn about airport systems, air traffic control procedures, airspace, aviation weather, air navigation, radio communication procedures, federal aviation regulations, aircraft performance and cross-country flight planning, weather theory and more. The course features hundreds of interactive videos, test questions, and 17 weeks of exciting aviation lessons.

View the Advanced Aviation Science, Private Pilot Demonstration to visualize how private pilot concepts are covered. Upon successful completion of this course, students may request an endorsement to take the FAA private pilot knowledge examination, signed off by a certified flight instructor.

Course Credits

These courses have curriculum correlating to the NSTA national science standards and many high schools provide high school graduation credit to AeroScholars students.


For more details about course schedules and costs to become an Aeroscholars Student visit the Registration Page.