Find a career in aviation or aerospace that is right for you.

Avionics technicians are often needed to analyze and solve complex electronic problems.

Average Salary: $59,120

Cargo and freight agents facilitate shipments of goods through airline, train, and trucking terminals and shipping docks.

Average Salary: $46,130

Aircraft Cargo Handling Supervisors may also assist and brief passengers on safety and emergency procedures.

Average Salary: $54,700

Aviation and airport civil engineers work occurs in and on airport property and working hours may include day or night shifts depending on the project.

Average Salary: $89,960

An electrical engineer designs, tests and develops products and systems that are powered by electricity.

Average Salary: $98,400

New aircraft designs undergo years of testing before they are put into service because the failure of key parts during flight can be fatal.

Average Salary: $58,801

A fixed base operator (FBO) is a retail firm that sells general aviation products or services at an airport. The FBO Manager may supervise one or two people, or as many as one hundred workers.

Average Salary: $90,375

Airline companies are required by law to employ flight attendants for the safety and security of passengers; corporate flight attendants may work alone in a plane's cabin to ensure the safety and

Average Salary: $56,040

Most airlines treat dispatchers like pilot cockpit crewmembers, and extend them this excellent privilege on an unlimited basis.

Average Salary: $37,340

The General Aviation (GA) Pilot performs a variety of flying jobs. This will vary depending on the type of aircraft being flown and the type of mission.

Average Salary: $87,948