Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Customer Service Supervisor

Fixed Base Operator (FBO) Customer Service Supervisor
FBO Customer Service Supervisor

About the Career

A fixed base operator (FBO) is a retail firm that sells general aviation products or services at an airport. The FBO Line Service Supervisor may supervise one or two people, or as many as twelve workers. An FBO Supervisor oversees a variety of services offered at a singular aviation facility.


On the job you will:

Oversee work and staff associated with:

  • Aircraft fueling operations
  • Tugging and relocating aircraft
  • Directing aircraft taxi and parking operations
  • Operating various types of equipment
  • Performing customer service
  • Coordinating aircraft needs and requests

Depending upon the size and scope of the airport operations, the FBO supervisor will supervise line personnel, mechanics and avionics technicians. The FBO supervisor may also oversee small aviation mechanics training operations, and if a licensed aviation mechanic, supervise the work of mechanics.


Average Salary: $45,000
Salary Range: $30,000 - $60,000
Education: 2 Year Degree
Outlook: Good (1% - 10% growth)

Education and Training

FBO supervisors generally hold an associate degree in transportation management or something similar. Often the degree will need to be specific for a particular mode of transportation such as aviation or freight.

General training opportunities related to the career can be acquired from organizations such as the National Air Transport Association (NATA).



Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Aeronautics
Texas A&M University Central Texas - Aviation Science
University of North Texas – Denton - Aviation Logistics

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Critical Skills

Customer Service Oriented