Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft Mechanic
Aircraft mechanics service a jet aircraft engine.
Aircraft mechanics specialize in preventive maintenance and inspect aircraft. Every aircraft must be inspected regularly. The schedule for inspection may be based on hours flown, days since the last inspection, trips flown, or a combination of these factors.

About the Career

Overall an aircraft mechanic works to diagnose, adjust, repair, or overhaul aircraft engines and assemblies, such as hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Aircraft mechanics in general aviation perform maintenance and repair jobs similar to those performed by airline mechanics, but they may work on small piston-engine or larger turbine- powered aircraft, depending on the type of business the facility specializes in.

On the job you will:

  • Examine aircraft frames and parts for defects
  • Diagnose mechanical or electrical problems
  • Measure parts for wear, using precision instruments
  • Read maintenance manuals to identify methods of repair
  • Repair wings, brakes, electrical systems, and other aircraft components
  • Replace defective parts, using hand tools
  • Test aircraft parts with gauges and other diagnostic equipment
  • Inspect completed work to ensure that it meets performance standards
  • Keep records of maintenance and repair work


Average Salary: $58,690
Salary Range: $35,430 - $89,210
Education: Certificate
Outlook: Great (11% - 20% growth)
Total Jobs (2024)18,750

Education and Training

Most mechanics and technicians learn their trade at an FAA-Approved Aviation Maintenance Technician School. Coursework normally lasts 18 to 24 months and provides training with the tools and equipment used on the job.

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Critical Skills

Detail oriented
Manual dexterity