On days 31-60, new sod and landscaping may be watered approximately every other day: even-numbered addresses on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. No address number. Cooler temperatures and calm breezes help keep evaporation to a minimum. There are a few ways to determine whether your lawn is getting the right amount of water. City of Dallas Environmental Education Initiative (EEI) 2020 Annual Environmental Summit. NO WATERING PERMITTED BETWEEN 10 A.M. TO 4 P.M. ANYDAY THESE RESTRICTIONS ARE MANDATORY IN SEMINOLE COUNTY AND INCLUDE THOSE ON PRIVATE WELLS OR LAKES, ETC. Use of a hand-held hose or bucket can be any day and at any time. "My pet peeve is when people water at six o'clock or later in the evening," Maurer says. Also, check to see that your sprinklers are popping up 4 inches above the grass. The first type has a wide, flat base that sits on the grass and can easily be moved around the yard. Assigned watering groups are mandatory for all Las Vegas Valley Water District customers. Watering that soaks the soil more deeply encourages the roots to grow deeper and stronger. A very common lawn-watering practice is to turn on the sprinkler and then watch the clock and try to remember to turn off the water. "Oscillating is good for new grass and for recently sown grass seed. Odd number address: water on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Water your landscape early in the morning, before sunrise, to reduce evaporation caused by wind and heat. Irrigate bermuda grass just once per month November through March. ", Conversely, too frequent or very light watering can lead to fungus growth and a shallow root system that can’t support the grass. Even number address: water on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. This is one reason why automatic irrigation systems come in handy. To break down surface tension and allow for better water absorption, add a tablespoon of liquid soap to a gallon of water and drench the brown spots with the mixture. “If you've just planted sod, water for 15 minutes everyday for the first two weeks, or twice a day during very hot weather,” suggests Maurer, “and occasionally walk along the seams between the sod pieces to gently press the sod down into the soil and help the roots to knit.”, How often you should water a lawn is dependent on several factors, including the type of soil. However, don’t wait too long. Watering during rainy periods can cause soil over-saturation and wasteful runoff. Sodramjet Could Reach Anywhere on Earth in 2 Hours, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. If it doesn't, the soil is hard and dry and you're not watering enough. Matt shared with us the following eight DIY-friendly tips for growing a resilient, healthy lawn with a deep, strong root system. You can place a few coins in the bottoms of the cups to prevent them from blowing over. Variances. "Water for 30 minutes, then stop and let the water soak into the ground. In Pinellas County, there are specific days and times when you may water the plants in your yard. BUSINESSES. Follow these eight tips for healthy grass with a deep, strong root system. What happens all too often, however, is that you get involved in something else and completely forget that the sprinkler is running and you end up wasting water and over saturating the lawn. The City of Tampa and unincorporated Hillsborough County have the same watering days. The second type of pulsating sprinkler is attached to a sharp spike that allows you to stick it into the ground anywhere on the property. Add a protective mulch on the soil around your plants to trap moisture. Just set out an empty can in the watering zone and time how long it takes for the can to fill 1 inch deep with water. Take some plastic cups and place them around your yard before you water. Watering can be reduced once the seed has completely germinated after approximately 28 days. No weekday watering is permitted (we'd prefer you turn off your sprinklers during the wet seasons).
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