Problem: Frost Injury Affected Area: Weather injury that affects the flowers, pistils, Description: Frost injury kills the pistils causing the flowers to turn black. Ramularia brunnea [anamorph], Coniothyrium fuckelii 5. Thanatephorus cucumeris [teleomorph] Abstract. Verticillium dahliae, Pratylenchus coffeae Angular leaf spot first appears as water-soaked lesions on the undersides of leaves and calyxes... Anthracnose. Pythium hypogynum = Coniothyrium fragariae, Rosellinia necatrix Non-disease fruit problems Sunburn The fruit surface loses its red colour and takes on a scalded appearance (Figure 10). The dense fungal growth and spore chains give these patches a powdery look. Early infection symptoms include small white patches of fungus growing on lower leaf surfaces. Speaking from a strawberry plantation in Poland, Dr. Kamil Jeziorek, a crop field expert from Syngenta, explains how to protect the crop from pests and diseases. To be sure, check the roots for rusty-red or brown discoloration in spring, before the plant is due to fruit. FUNGAL DISEASES Alternaria fruit rot Alternaria tenuissima (Kunze:Fr.) Gibberella pulicaris[teleomorph] 19-23. In some cultivars, there isn't much fungal mycelia growth, so the patches appear as yellow or reddish brown spots. = Phytophthora parasitica, Pestalotia laurocerasi Penicillium purpurogenum Aphids (greenfly) are sometimes troublesome; they can be checked by spraying with a nicotine and soft soap solution.. Slugs and snails are particularly fond of eating ripening strawberry fruits - so protect the plants aginst these [teleomorph]. Pratylenchus pratensis Phytophthora citricola Mucor mucedo On heavily infected leaves, the edges curl upward. Strawberry flowers are highly susceptible to botrytis and may blight. Lesions start as small, firm, light brown spots. Pratylenchus scribneri, Aphelenchoides fragariae = Diplodina lycopersici Here is advice on how to check your strawberry plants for these diseases and how to handle these diseases if your plants are affected. = Physalospora obtusa = Dendrophoma obscurans, Botrytis cinerea Here is advice on how to check your strawberry plants for these diseases and how to handle these diseases if … J. Mertely and N. Torres, "Botrytis Fruit Rot or Gray Mold of Strawberry" (PP-230), Plant Pathology Department (07/2006). In summer plant lice infect different crops. Discohainesia oenotherae [teleomorph] Strawberry is the name given to several plant species in the genus Fragaria, including Fragaria vesca (wild strawberry), Fragaria grandiflora, Fragaria magna, Fragaria chiloensis and Fragaria ananassa (or Fragaria x ananassa) which are grown for their edible fruit.Strawberry is an herbaceous perennial in the family Rosaceae. Strawberry Diseases Diseases. Print this fact sheet. Acta Horticulturae. Figure 10. Babovic M V, 1976a. = Hansenula subpelliculosa Pythium sylvaticum, Discohainesia oenotherae Botrytis spores can cover the entire fruit. Botrytis fruit rot and powdery mildew are two major strawberry diseases in Florida. This article is a list of diseases of strawberry (Fragaria × ananassa). The presence of grey mould is the most common reason for fruit rejection by growers, shippers and consumers, leading to sign … Sunburn of exposed fruit. Once established, the fungus can live in the soil for several months. Flowers have been damaged by a late frost, this is called Strawberry Black eye (see below) STRAWBERRY BLACK EYE This is a condition rather than a pest or disease. Strawberry pathogens can attack all plant parts and affect yield and quality. Diseases attack nearly all parts of strawberry plants,  affecting both yields and quality. In Florida, this fungus affects fruit before and after harvest, causing pre-harvest losses in the field and infection during storage and transit at refrigeration temperatures. Strawberry cultivars vary widely in size, color, flavor, shape, degree of fertility, season of ripening, liability to disease and constitution of plant. Pythium irregulare = Rhizoctonia bataticola, Gnomonia comari Gray mold, caused by the fungus Botrytis cinerea, is the most important disease on strawberry fruit. On highly susceptible varieties, these diseases can cause significant economic damage. by C.E. It is literally everywhere. Hainesia lythri Didymella lycopersici [teleomorph], Aspergillus niger Sometimes they are deformed. Rhizomorpha subcorticalis [anamorph], Colletotrichum gloeosporioides Acta Horticulturae. Athelia rolfsii [teleomorph] Gloeosporium spp. Diapleella coniothyrium [teleomorph] Beetles. Pythium ultimum, Macrophomina phaseolina Botryotinia fuckeliana [teleomorph], Rhizoctonia solani Their composition and concentration could be potentially used to classify strawberry fruits into four respective categories according to the fungal infection.
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