Sport Fishing Magazine may receive financial compensation for products purchased through this site. According to the IUCN Red List, the Sakhalin Sturgeon has never been an abundant fish, but it was more commonly found for sale at markets in Hokaido, Japan in the 1950s. A Sailfish and the Sanctity of Marriage. The seven seas hold some of the world's strangest creatures in their dark depths. It would be a nasty bite. A Canadian fisherman caught a pretty terrifying creature last week, while he was fishing for turbot in Newfoundland and Labrador. Where Are Most Of The World's Homicides Committed -- And Why? “In polite company, this is called a Grouper, but Australians actually call it a Groper — that’s Australians for you. Follow us on instagram! In this video, I am in Colombia fishing for HUGE CATFISH again, and while my bait is out the CRAZIEST FISH gets tangled in my line! Weirdest Fish Caught on Hook and Line 20 Giant mudskipper. Best Bets for Winter Redfish, Trout and Striped Bass, Fish South Florida’s Prime Grouper Season, New Fishing Boats from the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. 2 of 19. Its species is commonly found around the Asian waters; specifically around Korea, Japan, and South China. These fish are now very scarce because they’re fished for caviar.”. In the Amazon, there are stories of these things swallowing babies, thanks to the size of the mouth.”. “This was caught in the river between Argentina and Uruguay [Río de la Plata]. 3 of 19. I caught this fly fishing, which is quite weird. What's the weirdest fish that you have ever caught? It’s from India, up in the foothills of the Himalayas, in a tributary of the river Ganges. The translucent jellyfish it’s actually known as a salp. Caught a live Quahog right between the shells trolling a live Bunker Caught a tautog with a hole right thru its back that healed over . This fish may not have the strangest appearance on this list but it is still very strange and unique. Wikimedia Commons. Followers 12. AVID FISHERMAN'S FAMILY HONORS HIS MEMORY BY … THE COFFINFISH. “This was from Thailand, where there are a lot of stocked fisheries — people create a lake and then fill it with species from around the world, you wouldn’t catch these in the wild there. The female jawfish lays eggs. A commercial fisherman is not going to take the time to untangle it, they’ll just kill it.”, “This is known locally as a Basher in Guyana, which is on the Northern fringe of South America. Pity the poor blobfish. (And, no, this isn't that Steve Wozniak of Apple fame.). A giant Siamese carp, or giant barb, caught in the Mekong river. If you’re in the boat, you’ll hear this growling sound, almost like a kettle boiling. But some anglers are “species hunters” for whom the number of species they can take in their lifetime becomes a goal in and of itself. You won't believe that fishermen actually caught these gigantic sea monsters! ), Editors Note: “This was in Lake Champlain, on the border between Vermont and New York. Go. Nobody quite knows, “This is a freshwater sawfish. I was fishing for bull sharks and caught this by accident in the mouth of the Brisbane river. 100_0170.jpg. It’s a very primitive fish — there is question as to whether it’s even really a fish, as it has no backbone and no jaws, just a sucker with teeth in it. The way they normally operate is to bore into the skin of other fish and drink the bodily fluids. The Sakhalin Sturgeon is so rare that it is hardly ever seen or caught in the wild. Meet seven of the most frighteningly bizarre ocean creatures and amazing facts about ocean animals. 5 of 19. 19 Sea lamprey. who knew...but heed the warning if you catch one let it go...don't want to be in prison over 1 fish. Seen far less often than oceanic fish due to the murky, low visibility nature of their habitats, many of the beasts he hauls out are being caught on camera for the very first time. PhotoSpin. It’s about seven feet long, but it’s only a juvenile — it’s believed they grow up to 20 feet long, but the adults are never really seen, as they live out in the ocean. They’re big; they can grow to over 200 pounds.”. This rather unattractive creature is found off the east coast of Australia, where it … This countdown of the 20 weirdest, with Wozniak's captions, is the result. The jawfish is weird in the manner in which it reproduces. That led us to ask him to pick out 20 of the weirdest and share them with Sport Fishing enthusiasts. The biggest fish ever caught and approved as an IGFA world record was a white shark. The latest specimen was caught off the coast of Japan … For over 30 years, extreme angler and host of River Monsters Jeremy Wade has been scouring the world to uncover the world’s weirdest river fish. Life's short, fish hard. Helena Hanson. Mutations, weird species, interesting techniques, etc. I had it by the tail, but they’re very flexible and I was very worried that it would reach around and bite me — they have immensely sharp teeth. Looking like the Freddie Krueger of the ocean, this monstrous fish would probably scare you off swimming for life, but rest assured, not only are you unlikely to get deep enough down to ever encounter one, but at only seven inches long, they are not big enough to do any damage to humans. It has a very distinctive bite mark — the teeth are small but close together, so it looks like a file, and they will leave a slightly curved, bleeding mark on the leg, maybe ten inches long. Location: Ceduna, Australia. Flickr. “This lives in Europe, which is quite a surprise. Alfred Dean caught the beastly shark off Ceduna, Australia, on April 21,1959 using a porpoise as bait. Gary Goodyear, from Templeman, N.L., told CBC that he was fishing for turbot last week when he caught a nearly metre-long long-nosed chimaera by accident. PhotoSpin. Many of us have caught a "what-the-heck-is-that?" Attachments. 20 Of The Most Ridiculous Laws Around The World. What’s very interesting about these is that they make a sort of grunting noise under the water — it’s the second weirdest noise in nature, after Howler Monkeys. Reply. Sign in to follow this . Reactions: Welder. 1 of 19. Alfred Dean’s 1959 record … As you can see, it’s pretty well camouflaged, too. In December 2002, Jamie Artzt … Courtesy IGFA / “This is a photo I try to get withdrawn from circulation, because it looks slightly questionable! “This is in the Kamo river in Japan. In the middle of the sucker is a tongue, and the tongue’s got teeth on it as well. That’s because in his ongoing, ceaseless, single-minded, globe-trotting crusade to hook and land as many different species as possible, as of late September Wozniak had caught/documented/identified 1,827 species taken in all 50 states and 91 countries. Gobblin' sharks are rarely seen alive. From freakish fish that will try to swallow you to some illegal surprises, here are 11 of the craziest things ever caught! “This fish is only found in the central part of the Congo river system, which is a place where nobody really goes from the outside world, so most people don’t know about it. According to the post, the odd-looking creature was caught while fishing in the Atlantic Ocean near Coney Island. The giant fish weighed 2,664 pounds! Man-Eaters And Monsters: The 15 Weirdest Freshwater Fish Ever Caught. This rare fish is also known as “slimehead” and has a life expectancy of up to 149 … weirdest fish you ever caught on a fly??? This one was in West Australia. In its natural habitat, at ocean depths of between 3,000 and … goblin. What’s unusual about these is that they’re predatory: A normal sturgeon mouth is just a tube that hangs down to suck things off the bottom, but this one’s mouth extends forwards, like a catfish. The teeth on this one are an inch long, which is about the same size as the teeth on a 1,000-pound great white shark.”, “This was in Fiji. If you’ve ever wondered what lurks 800 metres underneath the sea, you’re about to find out. 27.7 KB Views: 634. us... Jump to content ... What is the Weirdest Fish That You Have Ever Caught? Once the male fish fertilizes the eggs laid, it places them into his mouth for incubation. They don’t encourage you to molest these creatures, they’re quite rare — I was working with a scientist here to help tag them. 4 of 19. Date: April 21, 1959. The carp humanoid is a strange fish … One that has gained particular fame, however, is the story of the carp fish. It’s probably 160 lb. The TOP 5 scary and strange creatures caught on camera and in real life by average people! A fisherman in Canada just caught one of the strangest fish ever seen A Canadian fisherman got quite a shock after hauling in a mysterious and bizarre-looking creature on a recent fishing trip. The story we were investigating there was about a young lad who had part of his testicles bitten off, and these were the likely culprit. 27.5 KB Views: 516. Man-Eaters And Monsters: The 15 Weirdest Freshwater Fish Ever Caught. 7. As new faces are popping out from every corner of the world, Stewart was one of the lucky guys who caught a very peculiar deepwater fish, unlike anything we had ever seen in the ocean. Normally a carp’s mouth droops downwards, as they tend to take things off the bottom, but this is like a carp with its mouth on upside down, which is indicative of feeding on stuff that’s in the middle of the water column, or maybe on the surface. fish. Eels are very interesting — they’re one of the few fish that are able to survive in fresh and salt water, migrating between the two. i.e. They have big, very powerful jaw muscles and teeth. There are no crocodiles there, and it’s not a python, a river dolphin, or a bull shark, so this was the likely candidate. Flickr. It’s a survival mechanism that enables them to live in conditions other fish can’t survive. It's an unforgiving terrain and houses creatures that are just as intense, including fish … There are tales about sharks with human faces, mermaids, fish with human dentitions, and other strange-looking water creatures all around the world. Your curiosity knows no bounds. They’re able to come to the surface and gulp air down, which enables them to live in water that’s very poor in terms of oxygen. Seen far less often than oceanic fish due to the murky, low visibility nature of their habitats, many of the beasts he hauls out are being caught on camera for the very first time. “This is from Lake Champlain. Continue Reading Below. Groupers are one of the [species of] fish that can change sex: they can change from female to male. 7 of 19. Here, he talks All That Is Interesting through 15 of the weirdest river fish he’s ever caught, … SUBSCRIBE Day one of my trip to the West Coast to do some salt water fishing for the first time EVER on my channel! 6 of 19. A lot of people know about salmon swimming into rivers to breed, but these freshwater eels do that in reverse — they live in rivers, but then they go down to the sea to breed. If you didn’t know what it was, you’d think you were having auditory hallucinations.”. 8 of 19. All rights reserved. The fish has a bulbous chin. “This was in Argentina, in the Paraná river. Since then, the wild population of Sakhalin Sturgeon has sharply declined. The Blobfish. and seven feet long. There's a whole lot to be afraid of in the depths of the sea where the sunlight barely reaches. As dedicated fans of Wozniak's ongoing blogs, we know he's pulled in lots of fish variously unusual, striking or downright weird. But no species hunter comes close to rivaling Steve Wozniak in his quest. Copyright © 2020 Sport Fishing Magazine. The fish is so stange looking, the man initially thought he'd caught a platypus! 9 of 19. It’s also known as a ghostshark because the shark is its closest relative but it actually branched off from sharks more than 400 million years ago. White Shark – 2,664 lb. Save Share. Stingray. That makes it pretty much a phylogenic orphan. Orange Roughy. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. For me it's gotta be lizard fish. Many products featured on this site were editorially chosen. PhotoSpin. 27 Of The Weirdest Laws In The World. Neither do we. Pixabay. Stingrays won’t generally try to cause a fatality, but if you step on one, they take exception to that — it’s pure self defense, they’ll stab you in the foot. 100_0173.jpg. Thread starter okaloosa; Start date Oct 16, 2019; 1; 2; Next. 1 of 2 Go to page. Singapore, April 2010 Sure, they're cute, until you see the teeth, which is too late in many cases. People tend to think that all these giant fish live in exotic, faraway places, but I caught this in Spain. Sawfish used to be quite well distributed worldwide, but they’ve declined very sharply because it’s so easy for them to get tangled up in a fishing net. Jawfish. The world’s top species hunter shares 20 of his strangest catches (out of more than 1,800 species! It’s a very ancient type of fish. PhotoSpin. I’d been hearing these stories about people disappearing, with something pulling them under the water. “This was in the Amur river in the far east of Russia. No pics, but a Google search will show how weird it is. Wales, May 2012 What this lacks in beauty it makes up in just plain icky. For over 30 years, extreme angler and host of River Monsters Jeremy Wade has been scouring the world to uncover the world’s weirdest river fish. “This was in Argentina, in the Paraná river. If there’s one male and lots of females, if the male is removed, one of the females — the biggest, most dominant one — will become a male.”, “These are normally found in the Amazon, but this one was caught in a lake in Thailand — they’re really into their exotic fish there. The Asian sheepshead wrasse is from the Labridae family of fish and is typically found in China, North Korea, South Korea, and here in Niligata, Japan. It’s related to piranhas — it’s a giant piranha, really; they can grow to the size of a large person. Stingrays won’t generally try to cause a fatality, … The funniest part is that where we vacation, the locals eat almost anything they catch – barracuda, needlefish, Jack crevale, and I've even eaten at a restaurant that served stingray (it tasted like really good chicken, for those wondering lol). It’s been said that man knows less about what lies beneath the surface of Earth’s oceans than he does about outer space and, when you take a look at some of the world’s weirdest fish, it’s hardly surprising. A Bonnier Corporation Company. About a third of this fish is head — it’s got a massive head and a very big mouth. Here, he talks All That Is Interesting through 15 of the weirdest river fish he’s ever caught, from 280 pound stingrays and man-eating catfish to giant piranhas and a fish that changes sex: And if you liked this post, be sure to check out these popular posts: Liked this look at the most frightening river fish?? 4 Little-Known Slave Rebellions That Paved The Way For The Civil War And Abolition, What Stephen Hawking Thinks Threatens Humankind The Most, 27 Raw Images Of When Punk Ruled New York, Join The All That's Interesting Weekly Dispatch, seven of the most frighteningly bizarre ocean creatures. The weirdest fish I've ever caught hook and line would be an albino oscar that I caught out of a retention pond. I have caught a few sturgeon below the bowersock on big wads of worms one was a beast idk what it weighed but it broke me off before i could get my hands on it...I later found out they were Pallid Sturgeon which are an endangered species so the KDWP told me that next time I can't take it out of the water. (Hopefully, we emailed photos of such catches to Sport Fishing for its popular Fish Facts department.).
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