Your left hand will be the guide hand and will hold on the other end of the rope that has been secured to the anchors. The downside with the Grigri is the higher price, as well as the risk of complacency with an assisted braking device. A friend of mine brought an 11mm rope I’d never used before (my canyoneering rope of choice is 8mm). If I could explore canyons and cliffs every day, I would. It was a modification of several previous belay devices, such as the sticht plate. Now how to use this the ATC in a rappel setting. Double check that the carabiner goes through the rope AND the wire keeper loop on the ATC and that it is locked. An ATC is the most popular belay device for climbing, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best. Attach a locking carabiner to your belay loop and clip in the Black Diamond ATC, if you haven’t done so already. Take care that these errors don’t happen, especially when it’s dark, wet, or cold. An ATC is one of the best choices, although an 8 ring works very well too. The last thing you want is to hurdle towards the ground at breakneck speed. It is recommended to have a partner check everything as well. Your friend mentions they own a travel trailer, and that if possible, they’d... We all love the outdoors! If the right hand is raised slightly up the rope will begin to run freely allowing you to descend. This will be the break and is supported by the ATC. Run the rope all the way through the quickdraws until you get to the middle mark of the rope. The Black Diamond ATC Sport is identical to the ATC XP, but with only one slot. Check your locking carabiner, the knots, and hitches to make sure that everything is secure prior to the descent. If you plan on getting into canyoneering or rappelling, then you probably want an ATC or 8-style device. Find answers in product info, Q&As, reviews There was a problem completing your request. Different variations of the 8 ring, including a Rescue 8 and the Kong Oka include different protrusions off of the traditional 8 that allow you to tie off the rope mid-rappel; however, I recently ran into an issue using an Oka rappelling down a waterfall where the rope got tangled around the different sections and arrested my rappel halfway down. An ATC is used to feed rappel or climbing rope through in a controlled manner. The more advanced the device, the higher the price- though any of them are relatively affordable. How Does an ATC Work? Because there is no opening, they have to be added with a locking carabiner or a quicklink/rapide. Stop your descent. Maintain control by keeping the right hand close to the hip with slight movements up and down to control the speed of the descent based off personal experience. Tie a Mule Hitch above the ATC. At this point one strand of rope should go up to the anchor. I live in Idaho with my wife and three kids and the great outdoors is our playground. The most common I see around is the Black Diamond ATC XP, where one side of the slots has ridges, which provide additional friction. The slots in the ATC should be parallel to the ground, or angled with the right side slightly towards the ground. The shadows are growing long across the desert as you rappel off the neo-classic Birdland (5.7+) in Red Rock, Nevada, after a successful ascent. While there have been a few tweaks and improvements over the past 30 years since its development, the basic idea has remained unchanged. You cannot use this when rappelling both strands of the rope, but it works great for climbing. It’s designed in such a manner to improve the safety of the climber during belaying. Take a locking carabiner and clip it into both loops. Never raise the right hand straight up entirely as the rope will begin to run freely and place you in grave danger of free falling. Double check to make sure the carabiner goes through the loop created by the rope AND the wire keeper loop on the ATC. If the carabiner doesn’t lock, you could come unclipped from the rope mid-rappel and take a nasty fall. Some of the best designed belay tubes are the popular ATC (Air Traffic Controller) devices made by Black Diamond Equipment. Always seek the instruction of a certified climbing or mountaineering guide. The different variations of ATC’s, from the base to the ATC Guide or Petzl Reverso cost between $10 and $30. The Best Device For Rappelling: ATC vs Figure 8 VS Rescue 8 and More There are a lot of options going back a long way for devices used to descend a rope.
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