Alannah, Victoria, and Christian all went to their poster presentations and answered questions from people walking by. This year the annual convention was held at the Hilton Anatole, in Dallas. 5:00pm – 8:15pm Part I NSNA Leadership U® Consultant/Advisor Certificate Program 7:00pm – 9:00pm Resolutions Committee Available to meet with Authors (by appointment) Wednesday, April 15 6:30am – 6:30pm Convention Registration 7:15am – 8:15am Part II NSNA Leadership U® Consultant/Advisor Certificate Program Share this on . Welcome to the South Dakota Student Nurse's Association NSNA stands for National Student Nurses Association, which is a pre-professional association for nursing students with about 37,000 members divided by state.Participating in NSNA prepares you for involvement in professional associations when you graduate, as well as for participation in shared governance organizations in the workplace. Home; About; Contact; Twitter; Facebook; Google+; GitHub;; Contact. NSSNA State Convention 2016 Lincoln, NE . This video is unavailable. It features keynote and end-note speakers, exhibit hall, opening-night party, focus sessions, awards ceremony, Mini-NCLEX® … Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ( Log Out /  While exploring the convention area we networked with other students from California, Ohio, and Maryland, discussing the differences between our curriculums. At the opening ceremony the president of NSNA, Adam Tebben, spoke about the convention and all that it has to offer! Danny, Christian, and Victoria attended the first year attendee orientation meeting. More than half of NSNA attendees are going mobile with the Guidebook app, the official NSNA Annual Convention app.The app will have a full list of exhibitors, sponsors, and speakers, and any updates and alerts, including room changes, plus much more. This week we furthered our education at a national nursing convention in Dallas. Submit. Contact Us. Today, Wednesday, April 5, 2017, the BYU Student Nurses Association board are attending the 2017 National Student Nurses Association convention in Dallas, Texas. Without a doubt, the session made the students wonder what it would be like to enter the Emergency Nursing Field. You will also have a lot of fun with your fellow After breakfast Amanda attended a long delegate meeting about adopting or denying new resolutions and found the variety of student voices very interesting. NSSNA State Convention 2016 Lincoln, NE . She discussed how important a nurses role is in the progression of society and the health of the United States and all other countries. It’s easy and fun to attend NSNA’s 38th MidYear Conference virtually! She brought to our attention that there are so many big health issues throughout the world that could be positively affected just by nurse interventions. Consequently, she shed a big light on how our experiences as nurses will change the rest of our lives no matter the different directions we will go! It was an exciting session because of how enthusiastic the different panelists were. NSNA Convention 2017. You are cordially invited to virtually exhibit at the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) Virtual 38th MidYear Conference, October 29 – October 31, 2020, where student nurse leaders and faculty throughout the US will participate in a wide variety of educational, … She learned a lot about the involvement necessary to be considered for these specialty positions and is glad she had the opportunity gain insight from a hiring manager in this field. Next, we attended the Exhibit Hall where we walked around to all different booths and talked to exhibitors from colleges of nursing, exam prep opportunities, and job placement organizations. Today the seniors had their final day of NCLEX review and are excited to be bringing back all of their new information to their peers at Salve! Chelsea went to an afternoon meeting for Delegates going over the Bylaws and Code of Ethics. We all ended the night at the opening ceremony for the convention. Victoria and Danny actually ended up coming in first and second for the event and had a great time getting in a workout on the last day of the trip! About Us. Later in the day, he attended a “Unique Test Taking Strategies” session from which he left feeling like a new test taker. pin. Check back daily during Convention week (April 3-7, 2019) for the latest issues of Convention News. Some of the students got the opportunity to attend the “Pharmacology Made Insanely Easy” focus session where they were taught different ways to learn and memorize large quantities of information. ‰ February/March 2017 “Annual Convention” Issue Closing Date:January 4, 2017 Bonus distribution to an expected 3,000 nursing students and faculty at the NSNA Annual Convention, April 5-9, 2017, Dallas, TX. Now, 20 years later they are all on different paths but still keep their roots in NSNA. Enjoy general sessions, seminars, workshops and poster presentations that will inform you of the latest trends, issues and career opportunities to enhance your academic and clinical skills. The NSNA convention is a yearly… Additionally, all of them are much more interested in continuing their education further after Salve after being enlightened about the hundreds of post-graduate options across the United States! He found this session really helpful as it was the first time he was taught what nursing recruiters are looking for. FNA Leg Platform Agenda Florida Regions. The NSNA convention offers over 28 focus sessions on an array of topics involving different aspects of nursing.
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