• Provision for children during this time. You should also think about health and safety – if maintenance work is being carried out, is it safe for children to be around? Interview question for Clinical Support Worker (Memory Clinic) in London, England.A couple of safeguarding scenarios regarding financial abuse Here For You During COVID-19 NEW! Professionals in some roles may occasionally need to work with a child without parental consent. The volunteers have heard other parents worrying about the child and saying the father is often quite nasty. Log for Incidents of Discrimination. Make sure staff and volunteers have the contact details of the nominated child protection lead and their deputy to report any concerns. Liaise with your organisation’s nominated child protection lead to draw up a safeguarding and child protection plan for the event which sets out your policies and procedures for keeping children safe. Your organisation needs to consider what risks children might be exposed to at your venue and take steps to mitigate those risks. 13. Even if a child asks you not to share what they have told you, you must report it if it means you are promoting their welfare. This applies regardless of the size of the room(s) people are using and whether they are paying to use the space. Angela frequently goes out in the evening leaving Ben locked in a large cupboard under the stairs. most children under the age of 13 should not be left at home alone, children under 16 should not be left at home overnight and a baby or toddler should never be left at home alone. Incorporated by Royal Charter. > Find out more about what level of child protection training your staff and volunteers need. Our Safeguarding awareness course will help adults recognise and respond to signs of abuse and neglect. Safeguarding Scenarios: What School Staff Need To Know Posted one year ago Working in the education sector means that you have a legal duty to help keep the children in your care free from all forms of abuse and … You should never wait until a child or young person tells you directly that they are experiencing abuse before taking action. They wonder if they should wait and see if the girl says anything to them about her father’s behaviour. Not only when asking questions about safeguarding, but throughout the interview process, you need to be attuned to answers that are vague or unrealistic. Jobs Every organisation that works with or comes into contact with children will have different needs for safeguarding and child protection. If a child tells you they have experienced abuse, it’s important to reassure them that they have done the right thing in telling you. Read our Coronavirus (COVID-19) information. If you’re thinking of becoming a social worker or working in children’s services, then you need to be prepared to face an interview. Make sure adults from other groups cannot walk through rooms where children and young people are meeting. When somebody works or volunteers with children you should follow safer recruitment practices. Child protection training should form a key part of your organisation’s induction process. When he asks her about it, she hints that it was not accidental and had happened during her individual singing practice with the choir leader. Staff and volunteers should never add, follow or interact with children in their organisation on any personal social media accounts. Your organisation should have behaviour codes that set out how you expect children and adults to behave, including online. If so, which category of abuse? They often smoke cannabis. Register - Visitors Log. Log for Safeguarding Referrals. You will need to make an urgent referral to the local children’s social care team who will arrange for the child … It is important to get appropriate consent when undertaking a one-to-one session. Some children can also feel pressured into sexting when they don’t want to. You should also keep up to date with relevant legislation and guidance. However, safeguarding should be at the centre of any investigation into sexting and the police do not always need to charge young people with a criminal offence. Workshop, you might want to ask in these circumstances. The boy tells his coach that he sent an explicit photo of himself to his 16-year-old boyfriend. Help for children and young people Downloadable Case Studies These documents can be downloaded to use in team meetings and staff briefing sessions. If this is not possible in your venue, change meeting times so that adult groups and children’s groups are not on the premises at the same time. Adult safeguarding practice questions. > Find out how professionals use Gillick competency and Fraser guidelines to decide whether a child is mature enough to make decisions about things that affect them. > Read more about mandatory child protection training in the UK. > Read more about vetting, disclosure and barring checks. Be sure to think about this … > Learn more about writing safeguarding policies and procedures. If you are working one-to-one with someone under 18 you need to have clear safeguarding and child protection policies and procedures to ensure both of you are protected. You should have your own safeguarding and child protection policy and make sure you know what to do if you have a safeguarding concern. Criminal record checks when you apply for a role. You should also have an online safety policy and agreement for children to help them understand and recognise what is inappropriate behaviour online. Home / Training, events and consultancy / Safeguarding Hub / Safeguarding Scenarios and Quizzes / Safeguarding-child-protection-quizzes Safeguarding-child-protection-quizzes EYHub Admin 2019-07-19T10:34:16+00:00 the behaviour and abilities of your group, what the child said or did that gave you cause for concern (if the child made a verbal disclosure, write down their exact words). You can ensure groups are keeping children safe by: You will also need to set out procedures in case anything goes wrong, for example if a child gets lost and goes to the wrong room, or if someone notices a member of another group behaving inappropriately around children. • Lifestyle choice vs illegal drug. Staff and volunteers should also undergo regular child protection training to help them recognise and respond to child abuse and neglect. He doesn’t want the girl to stop trusting him because he said something when she asked him not to. The safeguarding scenarios that we have created should help you to understand the possible issues you may be confronted with. 12. might be indicative of child abuse or neglect. > See example online safety policy statement and agreement. Safeguarding scenarios These scenarios have been created to be used as a training tool for all practitioners in early years settings, including childminders. What are you worried about? Recognising and sharing concerns quickly with the appropriate people is important. Children and young people who have been involved in sexting will need your help and support. 1) I am concerned that the child is in imminent danger. var year = new Date(); document.write(year.getFullYear()); NSPCC / All rights reserved. Children’s and adult’s groups should always have separate spaces. Single Agency Foundation Safeguarding Scenarios – with trainer notes. They’re concerned this may be emotional abuse but they don’t want to report it in case they have misunderstood due to the language barrier. Some of the groups are open to the public and operate on a drop-in basis, so they don’t know in advance who is attending. SECTION 47 Ben appears to be suffering or at risk of suffering significant … > Read more about the role of the nominated child protection lead, > Listen to our podcast about nominated child protection leads. In this blog, we’re going to be looking at 5 social worker interview questions and answers. Talk with staff members about what they might do in each situation. You should also let parents know the itinerary. A Buddhist organisation regularly runs nature days for children in the summer with a range of activities. This version includes the answers and explanatory comments, which can be edited out prior to the answers being given and discussed. For example, think about street lighting, car parks and what you can do to make these areas safer. Worried About An Adult? > Find out more about recording and sharing information. If you’re self-employed in Scotland you can request a PVG check for yourself. > Find out more about how and when to get criminal records checks. The coach of a community football club notices that a 15-year-old is unhappy and asks what has happened. A village hall regularly hires out rooms to local community groups, including children and young people’s organisations. Staff and volunteers should take child protection training as part of their induction to help them recognise and respond to child abuse and neglect and understand how to behave appropriately around children. This is the case even if they are parents of some of the children in the group. All staff and volunteers working with children and young people should be appointed following safer recruitment practices to ensure that they are suitable to work with children. > Read about supervision and adult to child ratios. Children and young people should not be left alone with adults who have not had appropriate checks. A wilderness skills group takes an annual camping trip with about 100 children aged 10-18, including two children with learning disabilities. Make sure you know who the nominated child protection lead is in the organisation you are hiring from.
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