This ball is cheap and generally performed really well, is this a ball that you’d generally recommend? This was one of the best articles I have read in a long time but I do have a few questions. For golfers finding a golf ball that is accurate and fast is one of the very many important aspects of golf. Had some time left after my iron fitting so hit my driver and the Snell was almost 2mph faster than both. So all these driver distances are total carry, some balls roll out very differently after landing. It comes down to prefereance. At Fair, we don’t think the performance is competitive AND there are consistency red flags Appreciate all the hard work you guys put in. Fantastic report – thanks Tony and the crew at MGS! The big disadvantage to using a robot is we do not get to see how these balls perform for different swings. slow down the ball, and cost you distance. On slower speed, iron shots, lower spinning, lower compression balls are generally longer, though not by as much. MTB-x and K sig were at 145 or below. Very serious durability issues. I know the ProV and ZStar launched new lines this year, interested to know if they made the cut date. Just curious if some balls chosen by the manufacturer to be included in this still had much larger than average dispersion. What’s important is finding a ball that provides the right balance of performance for your game. I play two balls exclusively. My long game has been getting a little better putting me in that range more often. I found the wet/dry wedge insight to be the most interesting part. Dimple pattern has a huge effect on aerodynamics and flight but wouldn’t show up in initial launch conditions but rather down the range data like max height, landing angle, and carry. One of the annoyances we almost invariably face when we publish any test is the flood of why didn’t you whatabouters. “The conventional wisdom for golf ball fitting is to start near the green and work your way out. Very intriguing article and information. Started off my round with the Kirkland 3pc. The one test I would add….. since most of us play a fade, I’d like to see the machine set up to play a 10 to 20 yd fade. They did great work on their parameters but should have expanded it. When looking for consistency, should we be comparing shot area, standard deviation of carry and offline, or just difference offline? Most slower swing speed golfers would still benefit from more spin and that generally correlates with higher compression, but it’s also true that the manifestation of the differences between balls diminishes with speed, so a lower compression ball is likely to be more of a performance push. Focus on lowest spin and offline puts you in the QStar Tour. I live in Canada and play in a lot of colder weather. I am confused on whether you tested the Wilson Staff Duo Pro (video seems to show this box and the link to purchase) or the Wilson Staff Duo Urethane (which the graphing lists?) I think trying to form decisions based on this information alone would be a big mistake. Over the past 10 years, MyGolfSpy has conducted hundreds of tests, and published thousands of articles that have influenced millions of golfers, but no test has the potential to impact golfers and the industry more than this one. The ball goes where I aim it. If we change the angle of attack and/or the dynamic loft, each ball will compress differently, and therefore, perform differently. I don’t know about Snell balls, I have never hit them but know the TP5 and the Kirkland 4-piece and they are outstanding competitive offerings. Thanks for your reply! Thank you James! I know no player who would be ok hitting it farther if this was the feel they would get. Don’t leave the pro v1x at high swing speed because it is also good at low swing speed. We’ll see if the trend continues. Perhaps I’ll try dialing it down to 10.5 to see if that takes down some spin and gives me a bit more distance. Whenever I hit a full sandwedge flush with my slow swing speed (driver SS is 90), the ball tended to blemish or scuff. I love your testing which I think is the best in the business. I understand it isn’t the same ball as the MTB-X, but it sure sounds like it with the dispersion/spin. Filter shot area for 115 MPH swing speed, the highest shot area is 2,180 SY. Sounds like Snell, Kirkland and Vice are great alternatives to pricey OEM balls! At 1/2 the price (on sale) as the the big guys, it’s a no brainer. I put them on my golf simulator and they were consistently shorter than ProV1’s, Snell and Srixon balls I tested them against. Like the Snell, we did observe some wandering with TP5X (same with ZStar XV) and as we noted, we found a single TP5 with a visibly raised seem. This chart just confirmed to me what I have wondered for years. For a ball which has performed so well otherwise, such poor accuracy seems like a worrying anomaly. I know if i play any of those at any time, its mid 80’s all day. I never knew so much could affect the play of one’s game. Brad, I let my playing partner play with the Kirkland last week. Bravo on another revealing and impressive test. You do know that you’re going to have to redo these tests every year now when the new balls hit the market with their new marketing lies about how good their new balls are and how it will make your game more like the tour pros we watch on TV. Feel over performance? Finding the right one among so many choices is hard. You say that for high speed high spin players, a soft ball is where you would see performance increases? Could you provide a link? Thanks Tony. Most of what’s in my bag is what I find at my course. I feel based on your results that the B XS perform better tee to green. Why is this the big question to ask? Tony: You just hinted at the elephant in the room in my eyes — the robot. Gaming these exclusively until I run through 6 dozen – the BOGO is long over. My experience was completely different than yours. Thanks for your contribution! Not only did I get a better ball, 2 boxes for 50 bucks is much less expensive than the Chrome Soft I was playing. So Tony, can you explain why the carry distance for the Snell MTB was so much lower than other balls with the same or higher ball speeds? What I have read before is that it is harder to keep the same consistency when producing a colored golf ball. social media departments in marketing and PR firms are hiring! Well if feel is meaningless, looks have nothing to offer us in performance either. I have been playing the Srixon Q Star Tour since they started making it in yellow. All you need to create a game using the app and let others join you. What where the references or guidelines for dividing the balls into the different catagories? Still not sure I’d game that ball though, It had the 6th worst shot area off the driver mostly due to having the worst stdev of offline. Bottom line, the CSX TT is a different ball than other CSX flavors on shelves, but the new CS Stars & Stripes is the same as other CS balls. Love to see your reaction. Could you put the stats for the 4 piece into perspective? I tested the TP5X this spring and I’m so used to the chromesoft it feels like a rock on the putter. So the notion of a softer ball may enhance the “feel” of a good or a bad shot (thin or fat or “heeled” or “toed” or high off the face or whatever). So start golfing using Deemples golf app and we will make sure you never play golf alone. That’s right; golfers might have a legitimate excuse the next time they play. If feel is meaningless then there’d be no need for blades or forging. Apologies if I’ve missed it somewhere, but does anyone know what loft the 7iron and wedge was? It doesn’t have lots of advantages compared to the other premium golf balls. Probably. These balls are not too soft or not too hard. I play all sorts of balls so I need to find one that works. In the latter, these players should be using the very elite balls, since the durability would matter. Great review! With the Pro V1 and Pro V1x, the differences are, as you noticed, marginal, so there may be a condition under which the x launches higher. Tiger plays the retail version of the Bridgestone ball. Any insights? I have been doing ball testing and may have to give the 1X another try. u guys published an aricle on low compression ball, comparing cor vs swing speed, also sayin how soft balls are just as far as hard ball, but soft balls have advantages in low temp. The aerodynamic piece is difficult to quantify, but otherwise, it’s not difficult for a manufacturer to churn out a ball that performs like [whatever ball you want it to perform like]. So this is where the “Aha Moment” happened. What do you think/. The data is great for adult players but not all that usable for Junior golfers with swing speeds below 85 mph. It’ll take a while to go through and completely digest, but makes me a bit embarrassed at the relatively small donation I make each year. Thank – can you also address the Vice Pro question? That’s almost certainly manufacturing defect. I scoured the press center and couldn’t find it anywhere. So, we help find the best performing clubs and then help consumers get them at the best prices. We had a few balls in the test that produced shots severely offline (it’s pretty mind-blowing when it happens with a robot). However, the last month and a half I have been using all three of the mentioned balls and am amazed to say that I am switching the the MTB-X. Again we didn’t regard either of these factors as entirely disqualifying, but as with the MTB-X, it was enough of concern for us to move it from Excellent to Very Good. It’s likely those two things are related. Interesting to come back and revisit the data after playing the Maxfli Tour to start the season. Why were iron shots hit off a tee? Over the course of the test, there were several “holy shit, did that just happen” moments. Iron spin differences from lowest to highest can vary by upwards of 2000 RPM. I have been a Titleist guy for as long as I can remember, but the rising cost is a concern. Do that excersie for each club (with the wedges you don’t care about distance as much as distance consistancy , etc.) Great study guys! There are no performance peaks and valleys at 100 MPH. I don’t know if these online golf fitting things actually work? I recently tried the new MTB-X and felt as if they were going nowhere; more personal testing required I guess. The conventional wisdom for golf ball fitting is to start near the green and work your way out. But look at other you tube reviews and OMG, MTB- X is pretty comparable and amazing for $30. From an actual performance perspective, it’s not something we’ve looked at. Also, was the same shaft flex used for 85mph and 115mph? Scott Kim - Product Test Engineer. Also keep in mind that head speed is a partial wedge for someone that swings driver at 115 – they could have easily added 10 mph ball speed. Did you instead mean “don’t waste your time”? Can you shed some light on how accurate trackman (or whatever launch monitor was used) is in capturing mph, rpms, etc.? For me I think the dispersion numbers are just as important as the distance but it seems most everyone feels that distance is the most important number for ball performance. What seems to have been otherwise lost is that we quite literally ranked 4 balls ahead of it while rating 8 others exactly the same. Depending on speed, you might be the guy who benefits from a soft ball like AVX. Thanks. Does any know what the Costco sold Callaway Tour Soft. The reason why I am switching is actually because my greenside spin has increased significantly with this ball. I guess now I need to go out on the course and hit a couple of dozen of each of them with driver and a 7 or 8 iron and compare the results. Curious how it compares to Snell MTB X. I was just on Snell’s website and they have a Comparison Chart listing balls from Titleist, Taylormade, Calaway, and Bridgestone to the Snell ball they recommend trying. Great work. Is it just my eyes, or does the core of the Srixon XV look off center?, TXG Tour Experience Golf Played it all last year and it is 10 yards longer off the driver than any ball I’ve played. Declaring performance winner based on driver distance only seems to oversimplify the findings of the test. When it comes to the cover material of your golf ball, you've got two main choices - Urethane and Suryln. We’ve provided some basic observations for each chart, but mainly the data is yours to play with and interpret as you see fit. This ball feels softer than any other recent golf balls in the market. Like me, they were all ProV1 players. Like it or not—what My Golf Spy has done here is quite possibly the most excellent review and guide I have ever seen. Of course, if they performed well, everyone would be upset because you tested a ball that was not available. But – now I guess I should probably focus on more of a distance golf ball? Best Overall Golf Ball: Titleist DT Trusoft Prior Generation Golf Balls While the Titleist V1 Pro golf balls are a great option for any top flite golfer, the Titleist DT Trusoft balls offer many of the same benefits with a lower price tag. For myself, I choose to test the Maxfli tour against my former gamer chrome soft. Understanding the compromises in performance opting for a softer feel is one thing but eliminating feel altogether in favour of performance is quite the other and could lead everyone to believe the best performing ball fits everybody. And feels great off the putter. Discussed a few times, but given the volume of comments, I’m happy to repeat myself. Hard to beat $28 per dozen vs. $48 if the ball performs. Those of us that cannot afford the “tour level priced balls” but want to play a better ball have a hard time determining what to try without any data to compare so we know where to start. They, as the raw numbers show, are really close to each other off the driver. Consistency off a wedge (which was true for several balls) is not nearly enough to overcome them. The MTB-X are not available on amazon or ebay. Walter, our testing was done independently and we insured all balls were placed identically with seam, against seam, logo facing forward, logo facing backward to achieve a criteria that was as precise as possible. Snell MTX sounds amazing but I dont know if I can get used to that feel on putts. I have really enjoyed the new Snell MTB-X. This is true, but it’s mostly a clever use of math meant to confuse golfers. It is certainly the most applicable for me since I am not in the market for new clubs on a regular basis. First of all thanks for this great article and source of info. But, my biggest concern when looking for a ball is “does it help me hit fairways and greens?” So instinctively was drawn towards your Offline, Spin Axis, and Shot Area data. The two speeds provide the end points between where differences begin to become apparent and where speed reveals more significant differences between balls. The latest Callaway Chrome Soft model is one of the best Callaway golf balls around and it features a Graphene Dual SoftFast core. I’m going to grab a dozen to test out the theory.
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